Get closer to clients by buying a house near commercial areas

Commercial areas, what do you think these could give you. If you are not part of any business that you own or have started or part of the entire chain, then staying in commercial places or financial areas is of no use. It would only leave you restless life and sleepless nights. But, if you are into business for which meeting several clients is a mandatory then it is must that you rent the office space, but renting office space in the bay financial areas is quite risky as you have to more rent but not sure of earning huge enough to meet all the operational expenses.

Hence, in the initial stages of business it is wise that you start your office work in your home and then attend the calls if any with the clients in the virtual office space where you could book the meeting room for an hour or two or depending on the event that you want to organize and invite your clients. Either way, staying close to the financial area would give you lot of comfort and flexibility to work and to manage personal life. For this purpose of balancing family and work, you could think of the ki residences that are located near to the commercial locations of the city.

There is none to stop you from succeeding unless you have the personal challenges of not able to meet the clients as per the schedule. Traffic would never be one of the challenges when you stay close to the malls that have many beverage shops or eat out places where you could quickly with the clients informally and convert them into formal meetings in just couple of days and finally turn them into leads or sponsors for your business ideas.